Project Lioness 2024 Cohort

Reclaim your power. Pursue your purpose. Play all out in life. 

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A guided journey in mastering the art of transforming fear & survival instincts to more confidence, courage, clarity, & certainty in all areas of your life.


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"Dr. Mel's passion for her work is evident in every interaction she has with her audience. Her energy, enthusiasm, and engaging delivery captivate listeners, inspiring them to act and strive for excellence. Moreover, her collaborative nature allows her to adapt her presentations to the specific needs and goals of each group, ensuring a truly tailored and impactful experience.

Personally, I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with Dr. Mel and be part of her world. Her expertise, mentorship, and unwavering support have been instrumental in my own growth and success. 

I have witnessed firsthand the transformative effect she has on individuals and groups, and I am confident that she will continue to positively impact the lives of many others in the future.

In conclusion, her remarkable skills as a speaker, collaborator, and generous human being make her an invaluable asset to any program or event. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Mel's abilities and her potential to make a significant difference wherever she goes."
~Nina Segura, Metaspire Consulting CEO

An empowering cohort uniquely tailored to those who feel innately called to say YES to the ROAR within


The intention of this cohort is to guide you on a journey of EMBODIMENT & EMPOWERMENT in all areas of your life:

  • ❤️PHYSICAL: Physical Health/Biology
  • 🧡MENTAL/EMOTIONAL: Mental-Emotional Mastery
  • 💛VOCATIONAL: Career/Entrepreneurship
  • 💚SOCIAL: Intimate & Meaningful Relationships
  • 💙FINANCIAL: Money Consciousness & Financial Health
  • 💜FAMILIAL: Familial/Generational Intentions
  • 🤍SPIRITUAL: Spirituality & Higher Purpose

Personal & Planetary Transformation starts from WITHIN.

In Project Lioness, we are here to guide you back home & support you in remembering WHO you truly are.

Humans inherently desire to become masterful at all areas of life.

What most coaches, mentors, and practitioners are missing when it comes to facilitating breakthroughs in health, business, money, relationships, and life is getting to the ROOT cause of challenges.

Many of us have been rewarded for conforming and distorting into something/someone that’s completely opposite of our authentic nature and playing OUR game. And in this distortion, you’ve probably had moments where you briefly recognized, “hmmm something just feels off…I know there is MORE to ME than this…”

And so:

  • You’ve purchased all the courses.

  •  Hired all the mentors.

  •  Attended all the get-hyped seminars.

  •  And you’re still stuck in some capacity - what gives?

While working on your mindset and reciting affirmations serves, these strategies can only take you so far if you haven’t cleared the baggage from root experiences AKA trauma. If you’ve experienced some form of trauma, then you probably know what I mean…

  • “Limiting” beliefs

  • Anxiety

  • Over working but not making progress

  • Fear around money

  • Physical symptoms

  • Lack of the “right words” with your partner or clients

  • Emotional waves that seem derail you

  • That feeling like you’ve tried it all and yet something deep down seems to linger…that something you know is keeping you stuck but you’re not sure how to access it's wisdom to make meaningful progress in life


I get it more than you know. HOW do I know this? 

Because as a woman, entrepreneur, wife, leader, friend, and a person who has overcome childhood trauma - I've personally BEEN there.

And in all the deep, reclamation work I've done in my own life...Project Lioness was BORN.


Within Project Lioness, we're here to guide you in becoming masterful in transforming fear and survival instincts to inspirational, embodied leadership

Yes, it’s possible to breakFREE from those old, stuck patterns without fully changing WHO you are. Say what? Yes…Keep reading…

It starts with re-learning how to love yourself again, feel safe in your body, and ultimately, reclaim your inner power.

This is NOT a "do it yourself, go at it alone" type program. This is a done WITH you cohort in which community and connection are FOUNDATIONAL elements in accessing your inner majestic prowess. 

In The Next 4 Months, You Will…

  • Discover your unique values & what inspires you
  • Diminish Emotional Turbulence in your body & mind
  • Learn how to transform trauma to triumph in all areas of life
  • Recalibrate your body, mind, & emotions to actually trust your instincts & intuition
  • Access more confidence, courage, clarity, & certainty in the next steps of your life endeavors
  • Minimize the impact of past shame & guilt to move forward in what really matters to YOU
  • Master how to use your bodymind to breakthrough physical, mental, and emotional blocks related to your career, business, health, & meaningful relationships
  • Learn the true meaning of WEALTH & how it applies to your unique values

And SO much MORE!

A Peek Inside: The 8 Foundational Elements of Project Lioness

The content in the 8 Elements (or Modules) spans roughly 1-3 weeks each (16 weeks total) depending on the needs of the cohort itself. Because the cohort is comprised of different individuals each time, this creates a unique opportunity to teach to what's emerging and needed most for both the individuals involved as well as the collective. 

This dynamic, living, breathing container is designed to be both educationalcovering philosophy and principles, as well as experiential, covering how we in real time apply such elements and principles to the 7 areas of our daily life.



Welcome + Onboarding

  • Welcome
  • Onboarding
  • 4 Levels of Learning + Multi Loop Learning
  • Mental IQ vs. Somatic IQ




  • Nervous System Dynamics 101
  • Honoring Your Biology
  • Somatic Breathwork & Somatic Languaging 



Emotional Mastery

  • Mathematics of Emotions
  • Principles of Energy & Universal Laws
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Red/Blue Feelings



Personal Values & Life Alignment

  • Values Creation
  • Personal Values Determination
  • Inspiration vs. Motivation
  • Daily Values Reflection Framework



Mind Framing & Perception

  • Mental-Emotional Alignment Blueprint
  • Mind Frameworks 
  • Yin-Yang Consciousness 
  • Applying The Certified Breakthrough™  Process



Value-Aligned Action

  • Closer > More Principle
  • Momentum & Magnetism 
  • Action via Attraction & Repulsion
  • Value-Aligned Action Framework 
  • Restraint & Receivership 
  • Open Loops & Spaciousness 



Entrepreneurship & Embodied Leadership 

  • Embodied Leader Qualities
  • Emergence & Trust
  • Masculine & Feminine Dynamics 
  • Energy States
  • Money/Resource Consciousness 



Conscious Languaging 

  • Lexicon Spectrum
  • Words as Matter
  • Constructive Questioning 



Creating a Vitalistic Life Vision  

  • Micro-stepping Vision Creation
  •  Purpose & Goal Setting
  • Applying Personal Values to The 7 Areas of Life 


Cohort participants get access to:

  • Weekly, 90min. Group Calls (16 weeks; $7200 value)
    • LIVE calls hosted on (2024 time TBD)
    • Access to PLC call replays upon request for current cohort only
  • One, 75min. 1:1 Coaching Call with Dr. Mel every month (4 total; $1500 value)
  • Access to Private Project Lioness Cohort (PLC) Discord Channel with Dr. Mel & other PLC members
  • FREE Access to all M.E./B.E. 1-Day Immersions during your cohort year (Valid 1 year from sign up; $2000 value)
  • Access to 22% off 1, 4-Day Inspire Immersion during your cohort year (Valid 1 year from sign up; $390-$1000 value)
  • Access to previous and current Inspire Co. Monthly Calls ($400 value)
  • Future access to ALL Project Lioness Cohort Group Calls as a PLC Graduate: PRICELESS
  • TOTAL VALUE: $12,100
Hey, fellow Lioness

I'm Dr. Mel Krug

After spending years in and out of doctor's and therapist's offices searching for answers to my health challenges, I finally discovered the powerful healing benefits of Network Spinal Care, Somatics, Breathwork, and Breakthrough Coaching Methodology. I went from feeling like a victim of my past, traumatic circumstances to a powerful creator of my aligned destiny. 

Having grown up with childhood sexual trauma, divorced parents, and close family members with severe disordered eating patterns, I learned to cope with my inner turmoil the way many "modern-day" female entrepreneurs do: over work, over produce, and over achieve. 

 And while I've "succeeded" in founding, funding, and flourishing 8 + businesses/investment projects in just 7 years producing over 2.5 million dollars in revenue, deep down I KNEW there had to be another way...A way that HONORED my values and my biology versus driving straight down a path of burnout and lack of fulfillment.

And so through my studies, trials, client cases, and personal experiences over the last 33 years, the The INSPIRE Method was born.

Within the facilitation of Project Lioness Methodology and the INSPIRE Method, what fulfills me most is witnessing my clients discover and embody their greatest gifts and allowing them to SHINE unapologetically. In doing so, their enhanced energy and personal embodiment ripples into the lives of their clients, family, partners, and people they impact every single day.

My intent with Project Lioness is that YOU TOO can begin dissolve your inner blocks and access your powerful lioness from within. Ultimately, as we CHOOSE to do our own inner work, we have the power to create long-lasting, intergenerational change on the planet for eons to come. 

"Truly changed my life...working with her has been one of the best decisions I've ever made."

- Dr. Nav S - Chiropractor, Entrepreneur, Client, Inspire Immersion Participant

"Words can't express the safe & loving environment - nothing short of just phenomenal. Any experiences I've had with Mel intuitively have been phenomenal, soul growth, business growth. So why not give yourself the love, the nurturing, the enlightenment of OTHERS to bring you to your highest potential?" 

- Dr. Lori S - Chiropractor, Entrepreneur, Client

"Be open minded and be willing to stretch yourself. Be willing to rip open the parts of you that you haven't been brave enough to explore. How often do we put ourselves in a group of people & come out on the other side with connections you weren't expecting that transcend space &'s just so witness other people's breakthroughs."

- Linds B - Mom, Entrepreneur, Inspire Immersion Participant, Client
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Project Lioness Cohort

Open enrollment begins again early Spring 2024


Monthly Tuition


for 4 months


Full Tuition


1-time payment

All monthly payments must be complete by end of program 

**If at the end of this program you are completely dissatisfied and have not experienced any form of change whatsoever within the PLC, we will refund 50% of your initial investment. That being said, we hold the consciousness that each person is responsible for their own engagement and energy within the program. We believe that each person on the planet can become the creator of their destiny and breakFREE from being the victim of their history. It is up to YOU to engage in this cohort to receive the level of outcomes you're seeking. Ultimately, what you choose to put IN is what you will get OUT of anything and everything. We prefer to work with people who understand transformation is a PROCESS and not a "quick fix."


Check out the transformations from our Project Lioness Cohort Graduates:


"Why should I trust you, Dr. Mel?"

I'm a living, breathing example of what it takes to WALK the TALK. I'm not perfect, nor do I pretend to be. I'm both a teacher and a student just like you. That being said, I've got some credentials under my belt over the last 10 years of working with 100s of clients in the health, holism, and human consciousness space:

  • Bachelor's of Kinesiology
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Network Spinal Practitioner
  • Somatic Breathwork/SRI Facilitator
  • Somatic Experiencing Student 
  • Multi Business Founder, Mentor, & Investor 
  • Certified Breakthrough Facilitator
  • Founder of The INSPIRE Alignment Framework & The INSPIRE Method
  • Has guided 1000s of client sessions (& counting) via chiropractic care, 1:1 coaching, and personal healing retreats 

Guiding you in reclaiming your power,

Inspiring you to pursue your purpose,

& Inviting you to play all out in life.