$47.00 USD

The Magic of Your Moon

Unlock the healing power of your menstrual cycle 

In this training, you'll walk away with:

  • a deeper understanding of the phases of your moon (menstrual) cycle
  • a powerful, yet simplistic overview from pre-puberty to menopause and beyond
  • how each phase influences your energy, emotions, physical, and mental health
  • how to harness the healing power of each phase
  • appropriate strategies in each phase of your moon (menstrual cycle)
  • the tangible science and spirituality behind your cycle 
  • how to sync your cycle with your daily life
  • downloadable resources that go along with the training
  • lifetime access to the recording and resources whenever you need
  • BONUS access to Q&A module with Dr. Mel 


What our students are saying about our work:

Truly changed my life...working with her has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Dr. Nav C

If you are truly looking to heal and grow on a new level then this is the way to go. You're in a totally different playing field after this!

Nicole F

We're not lacking information for WHAT we need to do or even WHY we need to do it. We're lacking the space and the guidance to show us HOW to do it. There is nothing more impactful than uncovering what's REALLY holding you back and then unlocking the courage to liberate yourself from it. There are multiple steps and multiple dimensions to this, and through learning the INSPIRE Method, I now have the framework to embody this process for myself going forward. Dr. Mel has empowered me to look at my reality in new ways, and the ripple effects I'm seeing in my marriage, in my family, in my business from making changes aligned with my values are nothing short of profound.

Dr. Alex M