$1,000.00 USD

Inspire Immersion - Costa Rica 2024 (down deposit)

Sunday, Feb. 25th - Sunday, March 3rd

Please keep in mind this is a NON-REFUNDABLE down deposit for your trip. We will be in communication with you in the future weeks to complete your immersion payment plan plus EPIC trip details :)


Hear What People Are Saying about the Inspire Immersion:

After 33 years, I didn't realize this was something I needed for my entire life. I found a sense of home within myself.

Steph J.

This weekend was a masterpiece being painted…and I got to participate and add to that beauty.

Melissa S.

I could write a whole book about my experience. If you feel like there is a piece of yourself, your soul that you feel you’ve been suppressing…this is a great place to come and explore WHY you’re not doing that. Stop judging yourself for not having done it yet and accept…receive the ability to live the rest of your life being what you want it to be.

Megan S.