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MENTAL-EMOTIONAL Alignment Blueprint      

a framework for successfully navigating mental-emotional chaos

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Master the ART of transforming fear & survival instincts into dynamic, embodied leadership.

Cut through the turbulence & find your center once again.

Turbulence in life is inescapable. Try as we might to become SUPER-ALIEN-HUMAN beings, we cannot avoid the fact that we have thoughts and emotions that humble us along the way. In addition, we have structures in our brain that when aligned, can help us process emotions more coherently with less chaos.
Mental-Emotional chaos ensues when we don't create space to process our human experience and recognize when we are out of alignment. I see my clients get trapped in this continued downward spiral when: 
  1. They haven't been given permission to accept the fact that they are HUMAN and will experience emotional chaos from time to time 
  2. They haven't been given a proper framework to support coming BACK into alignment that supports the navigation of future turbulence 


After years of working in the Mental-Emotional (M.E.) healing space and helping clients work through trauma patterns, I've discovered a simple framework that can support you in modulating the turbulence, overcome challenges, and ultimately find your powerful center once again. 
 When applied with repetition and intention, this framework can support you in accessing not only your inner alignment, but also help you mine "gold nuggets of wisdom" from the turbulence itself when it arises. 

Cultivate more confidence, clarity, & certainty in your body, mind, & life.




I am not typically one to pay attention and tune into how my physical body reacts to situational changes but the work Dr. Mel does has had an undeniable (I would honestly, against my own logic, call it magical) impact on my ability to tune in. My sleep is better, my body just works better, my emotional capacity for stress is broader and more prioritized. If I ever find a giant pile of money, I will buy a membership for everyone I know. As a busy mom, professional, human-- I am in awe of the impact. 10/10 recommend, without hesitation. 

~Lindsay B. 

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