Your not so average retreat...

Designed with YOU in mind

Designed for leaders, healers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, busy moms, stressed-out dads, and/or those with a greater vision for the planet & humanity.

Join the magic of the weekend

Afternoon of Thursday, November 21st - Afternoon of Sunday, November 24th (2024)



"Expect the unexpected...you will leave with so many eye-opening experiences."

Winnie E. - Retired Chemist

"I was able to call in my inner Lioness & speak without FEAR."

Dr. Brooke S. - Network Spinal Practitioner

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 ((Photo: Fall 2022 Inspire Immersion))


Whether you’re a leader in the workplace looking for a complete reset or a person who’s in between passion projects (or careers) and not sure where to go next, this immersion is for you. Join us in resetting, refocusing, and reclaiming what really matters - YOU!


"I would recommend this to anyone. I feel like everyone needs to experience this level of love."

Kayla D - Mom, Doctoral Student 

"I feel new...I feel REBORN."

Christine J - Mom, Wife, Holistic Advocate

12 spots 

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The Inspire Immersion difference

Did you know the definition of retreat means to run away and to hide out of defeat? Why run away from our daily life struggles? We all know the last 4 years have provided not only challenges, but opportunities for growth and evolution. What would it look like to instead, immerse in strategies of self-transformation and embodiment that help us cultivate our true sense of self no matter what challenges arise?

Refreshed, Renewed, Restored

Immerse yourself in a weekend of connection, community, and empowerment. Receive personalized care all weekend from a team of holistic healing experts.

Discover Tangible Strategies to Heal and Become More Whole

Learn from leaders in the field how to breakthrough challenges in your health and life. We believe in teaching you how to live in alignment to what authentically matters.



Experience the Medicine of Mother Nature

Escape the modernized world and connect with the healing energy of the Earth and nature. Experience nature walks, forest bathing, and complete embodiment with the vibrant energy of this meaningful land.

Early Bird Pricing: $1888 single room | $2800 double room

What’s Included:

Early Bird Pricing ENDS Sept. 1st, 2024

✨Location in nature with indigenous history and out of the busy office/city setting

Group Yoga sessions and other gentle, integrative movement

All high-vibrational food, drinks, and lodging included (value per person - $750)

Daily, deeper breathwork sessions to alchemize the body, mind, and spirit (value per person - $320)

Daily Mindful Movement sessions and Bodily Activations (value per person - $80)

Mindset and Conscious Languaging Sessions

Breakthrough sessions (value per person - $900)

Holistic lifestyle & sustainable living support

Learning the language and wisdom of the body - crash-course on how to heal your own bodymind

Vision Creations (value per person - $100)

Walks. Forest Bathing, and integration in nature

Daily BodyWork/Nervous System sessions on tables (aka Network Spinal Entrainments/Adjustments) to help you integrate and embody the weekend (value per person- $480)

Sound/Music integration & healing

Crash course on "What the heck does Dr. Mel do on the table in the office anyway" and how to apply it more to your life

SRI and other more gentle breathwork integrated with meditations to anchor in the immersion (value per person - $320)

Creating your Inspired Life - how to live more emotionally balanced & conscious in a chaotic world

Discovering how to become the alchemist and embodied leader in your life

Re-entry and re-integration call post-immersion ($300 value each)

Intimate group in an intimate setting (limited to a certain number of spaces)


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The common pitfalls with average retreats:

  • Getting the retreat feel-good “High” and then the crash without post-retreat integration
  • You feel “blissed out” but go back to old patterns that don’t serve you anymore
  • A lack of bodily integration and/or tactile learning that applies to daily life
  • Sometimes it can feel like living in a fantasy and disconnected from learning how to be in the real, day to day world
  • You’ve probably dropped the cash without long-lasting, sustainable change in every day life

“I could write a whole book about my experience. If you feel like there is a piece of yourself, your soul that you feel you’ve been suppressing…this is a great place to come and explore WHY you’re not doing that. Stop judging yourself for not having done it yet and accept…receive the ability to live the rest of your life being what you want it to be.”

Megan S.

“This weekend was a masterpiece being painted…and I got to participate and add to that beauty.”

Melissa S. 

Your holistic guides for the weekend

Our team of holistic experts is here to create a space of safety and support for the entirety of your immersion. Our certified skills range from Network Spinal Chiropractic to Breathwork, Health Coaching, Fitness Training, Trauma Informed Yoga, Mental Health Counseling, Breakthrough Coaching and more.

We can assure that you are in great, caring hands.

"After 33 years, I didn't realize this was something I needed for my entire life. I found a sense of home within myself."

Steph J. - Paralegal 


 Welcome Home

The Inspire Immersion Difference

Returning back to what really matters in health, human consciousness, and life.


Enroll in the TRANSFORMATIONAL Weekend

Evening of Thursday, November 21st - Afternoon of Sunday, November 24th (2024)

Hear what others are saying:

"Explore your edges & tap into your limitless potential"


Lindsay B - Doula, Mom, Entrepreneur

Clay M - Dad, Husband, Digital Marketing Expert 


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Spring 2022 Inspire Immersion Cohort

Spring 2023 Inspire Immersion Cohort

Fall 2023 Inspire Immersion Cohort

**NOTE: Due to the nature of this healing work, all sales on Inspire Immersion are final. If you need to cancel, you may apply your credit to other offerings from Inspire Co., future immersions, courses, workshops, and/or donate to ARC Retreat Center itself.**