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It is through community that we find ourselves & remember our wholeness once again. It is through community & connection we access true healing.

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The missing element in "self-help" & "self-development" - community.


Are you seeing it? More and more people are hopping on the "self-development" train lately.

While this is exciting and gives hope for the future, the self-help/self-development/self-improvement paradigm often skips over a vital element in "healing" - community

Try as you might to do it on your own and all alone, at some point the calling for community and connection will emerge because it's part of human biology.

We are not meant to "do the work" alone. Research continues to support that the wholeness journey must be rooted in safety and connection. These vital pieces are are created with and by the people who surround you. 

Community is a core value of what we stand for at Inspire Co. It's also the catalyst for WHY we created the Inspire Co. Monthly Community Membership.


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Dr. Brooke S.

"Just the doing of the work calmed my nervous system in a BIG way...This work gave me more confidence in other opportunities in life such as business and teaching as a practitioner. Taking Mel's courses has been a huge catalyst in my life - I highly recommend it!"


Get direct access to our team of holistic health experts who are committed to your growth.


Connect with a supportive community who empowers you in becoming whole just as you are.

Human Consciousness

Learn strategies and tools that will support your health, healing, energy, vitality, and ultimately an up-leveling of your consciousness in daily life.

"Truly changed my life."

Dr. Nav S.

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Why join Inspire Co. ?

Life can be intense sometimes, no doubt - we're here to create a supportive space every month to remind you to come back home to what really matters in a chaotic world.

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What you will gain from your Inspire Co. Membership:


✨Monthly calls with our team of holistic health experts (calls are held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7pm CST)

✨Access to our Vitality Vault - consisting of calls from previous months as well as supportive resources for your healing journey

✨Guided Somatic Breathwork & Body Connection

✨Breakthrough & Energy Coaching

✨Health & Wellness + Fitness Support

✨Meals, Movement, & Mindset

✨Food Consciousness

✨Lifestyle & Stress Support

✨Teachings on how to live more sustainably and in alignment with yourself & the planet

✨Call topics ranging from energy, hormones, stress, sleep, sex, mental health, menstrual cycles, & more

✨Nervous System Strategies & Support

✨Foundations in Healing Trauma

✨Entrepreneurship, wealth, & business

✨Access to future guest experts on deeper levels of health & wholeness

✨AND MORE! All LIVE with our team of health conscious leaders & practitioners

Endorsement for Inspire Co. from Queen of Social Media, Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen - Queen of Social Media
"My chance to stop, take a break, get away from everything to support by body, my being, my mind"

Founding Members Only $97

$22 per month!

Join NOW and get instant access to 30 + hours of trainings and content within the Inspire Co. Vitality Vault. 

"Inspire is a gem of a find. Dr. Mel and Michael are vibrant people, full of life, kindness, and the capacity to walk with you on your unique journey. The benefits of gentle neurological care along with the teaching that is offered is amazing! What a gift to find health care providers who facilitate our own body's ability to heal and fully care for itself!"
Melissa S, Inspire Community Member


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**For current clients, please contact us at the office at 651-756-1218 // [email protected] for your special discount code to get FREE monthly access

2023 Inspire Co. Curriculum

*ALL classes occur on the 4th Tuesday of every month, 7-8PM CST. Upon initial registration, our team will email you a zoom link to join prior to every call for the duration of your membership. Please save this link for future calls.

  • Jan. 24th - Somatic Mapping: Learn to Clear Tension in Your Own BodyMind
  • Feb. 28th - How to Dissolve Comparison and Increase your Inner Confidence 
  • March 28th - Guided Somatic Breathwork & Reiki Healing Journey
  • April 25th - How to Create Your Own Emotional Dōjō with Dr. Mel Krug
  • May 23rd -  Lifestyle Clearing & A Toxin-Free Environment with Holistic OT, Jess Free
  • June 27th - Clearing Resentment in Your Nervous System with Dr. Mel Krug
  • July 25th - Guided Somatic Breathwork with Dr. Mel 
  • Aug. 22nd - Sex & The Nervous System 
  • Sept. 26th - Dissolving Imposter Syndrome 
  • Oct. 24th - Vision Creation (no glue sticks required)
  • Nov. 28th - The Mess to Masterpiece Formula
  • Dec. 26th - NO LIVE CALL - have a great holiday!
  • Jan. 23rd, 2024 - Align with Your Values w/ Dr. Aryn


Your Inspire Co. Holistic Guides

Our team of holistic experts is here to create a space of safety and support in your monthly membership. Our certified skills range from Network Spinal Chiropractic to Breathwork, Health Coaching, Fitness Training, Reiki, Trauma Informed Yoga, Mental Health Counseling, Breakthrough Coaching and more.