BodyMind Connection & Trauma Training:

Designed for teachers, leaders, parents, and educators 


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This course will provide you with actionable solutions for a calmer you & calmer environment.



Develop confidence in yourself & your skills with those you serve.


Learn tangible practices to lead with certainty & make a greater impact. 

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Hear what others are saying about Dr. Mel:

This is very powerful work that I know will impact your life and the life of the kids you work with every day. "


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 In this course you will: 

  • receive over 2.5 hours of direct training with Dr. Mel
  • learn the about the foundations of your nervous system & bodymind
  • understand how trauma impacts your physical & emotional health specifically
  • learn somatic strategies of how to break the cycle, going beyond "just meditate" & "just breathe"
  • witness real-time application with Dr. Mel of how to apply this work within yourself & the meaningful relationships around you
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Dr. Mel listens and cares. She holds space and allows me to safely tap into my own innate healing abilities. The validation and acceptance I receive while in her care has fueled me to make lasting, positive changes.



I have been to quite a few chiropractors in the past several years, and I can say with absolute confidence, Dr. Mel is on a whole other level. Her work seems minimal on the outside but is absolutely transforming on the inside.



Dr. Mel is authentic as can be and a true leader. She is a giver, a healer & completely selfless. Working with her is a joy and I can’t wait to continue to experience the tremendous shifts that she has and will continue to bring to my with her to achieve your goals!