Breakthrough & Embodiment Session

With Dr. Mel

Designed to help you transform & breakFREE to live your most authentic, inspired LIFE

You are

Transform your blocks, fear, & judgments to more poise, confidence, and clarity in all areas of your life.

I'm IN!

Stop chasing, start LIVING.

What if your life could consist of LESS chaos & more fulfillment? What would it look like to stop outsourcing your power & start to learn how YOU (your body, mind, spirit) work in relation to what matters to YOU?


Ready to breakFREE from the baggage of your past?

Healers, leaders, & entrepreneurs just like you hire me to help them transform their fears & survival instincts to more courage, confidence, clarity, & certainty in their life.  


I am an expert in the realms of somatic breathwork, neuroscience, trauma/root experiences, mental-emotional well-being, and how to bridge the gap from ideation to implementation. The one-off Breakthrough & Embodiment (B.E.) Sessions are designed to help you SHIFT the chaos of your current situation and gain more access to the genius that lives within you. 

Session topics include:

Somatics, breathwork, business strategy, Breakthrough clearing methodology, The INSPIRE Method™️, nervous system recalibration, life strategy, & more.


*NOTE - my clients that get the BEST results work with me in a container over 4-12 months. While a 1-off session can serve, I highly recommend continuous work to get the best results in your life OR scheduling an immersion for yourself. 


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